Pastured Meat and Raw Dairy

The benefits of pastured meat, eggs, and raw dairy, go beyond the taste at the table, but extend into your health on many levels. Only when animals are grazing rapidly growing grass does the meat, eggs, and dairy contain all essential vitamins and minerals in high concentrations and easily absorbed methylated forms. Only animals that have access to sunlight have vitamin D in their meat, eggs, and milk. Grass fed meat, eggs, and dairy contain a high amount of good omegas, which your body does not store, instead uses it for vital energy and healing. A diet high in these fats prevents cancer, arthritis, and prevents mineral deficiencies, which are the root cause to degenerative dis-eases and mental imbalances. When you consume raw dairy, you are getting a little bit of every known essential vitamin, mineral, amino acid as well as beneficial bacteria and beneficial enzymes. When the milk is pasteurized, we loose almost all of this nutrients and the process of heating the milk breaks down the fragile proteins into free radicals, which cause illness in the body. The best thing you could do for your family is source your food locally and humanely. It will go a long way to prevent illness.

For more information and click on the resources below for finding local, pastured meat, eggs, milk, and farm fresh vegetables:

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