GAPS Journey

I started the Gut and Physiology Syndrome/Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet March 1st, 2012. The GAPS diet is not like other diets, in fact it is often referred to as a healing protocol. For the next two years, I will eat in accordance to this protocol in order to heal the gut, which is the root of all illness, and I will reverse food allergies and will heal chronic ailments that I currently experience. The core of this diet is in consuming daily homemade bone broth, homemade fermented vegetables, grass fed and pastured meat, animals fats, and raw fermented dairy, as well as a therapeutic dose of an extremely potent pre and pro biotic. The idea behind the diet is on to consume mono starches, mono sugars, and healthy fats, which heal the gut and allow it to repair. I do not consume any starchy foods, because they are not easily absorbed by the body, so they are very difficult to digest. I do not eat grains, sugar, maple syrup, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, plantains, tapioca, yucca. I do not eat beans except for dried split peas, lima beans, green beans, and small white navy beans, which I soak in accordance to Nourishing Traditions. I only eat nuts and seeds that promote healing, are soaked or sprouted, and do not damage the thyroid. I eat a lot of vegetables, a lot of eggs, meat, butter, ghee, lard, yoghurt, some raw cheese from the farm, almonds, sunflower, seeds, and walnuts.

I am trying to heal myself from the inside out, while at the same time I am working heal my inner self. Gardening is one of the best therapies, and I really enjoy the space to reflect, and trust that all the work that I do will strengthen these plants to grow and feed us. Some of the pre-exsisting conditions I am hoping will dissolve are my intolerance to gluten, better my absorption of b vitamins and vitamin k, heal my hypothyroidism, heal my chronic inflammation and pain/migratory arthritis, balance my hormones, get rid of years of chronic headaches, and healing my respiratory system.

As I write this introduction to my journey on June 30th, 2012, I have been on the diet for four months. It takes about 6-8 months before one sees dramatic changes, and like many I'm sure, I have struggled a bit with the diet, and did consume raw milk for a while, but now I am off of it, to heal my body from too much lactose. The most dramatic difference I have seen is in my moon cycles - I have no pain, no nausea, no cramping. Tt is a whole new world for me compared to what I used to deal with. I am very happy about this dramatic change, and what it truly means is that my hormones are balancing and my thyroid is healing. I have incorporated an additional component to GAPS to heal my thyroid, which I will talk in detail about in a blog entry. Besides that, I think I am having a lot of internal healing that has not quite shown itself on the outside yet. I look forward to the future progress of this diet. And I truly am enjoying everything I am eating. I will share many recipes on my blog, so stay tuned! I appreciate your interest and your support. It is really the best thing I could have done for myself.

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